GA 2012 LogoThrough the Cooking Together project, people of all ages who are passionate about immigration justice are invited to share, create and adapt materials to help congregations faithfully consider and respond to one of the major issues of our time, whether or not they will be sending delegates to Phoenix for GA 2012.  Through this project, we will collect and organize what has already been developed by congregations, districts, and staff groups, and create new resources where there are gaps. “Cooking Together” includes both this blog, where people can talk about particular resources, and a web page offering a growing library of resources for Worship, Theological Reflection, Religious Education, and Faithful Witness for people of all ages and life stages. This blog is the “kitchen” where all are invited to contribute resources and put ideas into the simmer pot, and the web page is the “banquet table,” with resources for congregations of all sizes and kinds to sample.  For more information about how to contribute resources, please see the “Your Recipes” folder. Join the cooking and the conversation; we think you will find it a welcoming place to be!

Comment Policy

This blog welcomes the input of Unitarian Universalists of all ages and life stages who want to help create, adapt, and shape faith development resources regarding immigration justice.  In this space, we are a learning community, cooking together. In order to preserve the blog’s intent and function, the administrator reserves the right to delete any inappropriate content from this page, including but not limited to: irrelevant content, hateful content, financial solicitations, endorsements of a political candidate or party, attacks on an individual, and any other inappropriate content.